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Special products

Special products

LISTEC - Solutions for individual requirements

Especially for specific industries and applications, we have some special products for our resettable line heat detectors LIST and d-LIST in our programme. These enable the use of our proven sensor cable systems even for individual requirements.

For example, our d-LIST system is DNV approved and is already in use on more than 15 ships. Furthermore, our ATEX-certified products meet the high requirements for 

early fire detection and temperature monitoring in hazardous areas: Our sensor cable SEC 15-Ex and Sec 20-Ex as well as our single sensors ESD-A5-Ex and ESA-A5-Ex are approved for zones 2 and 22 thanks to ATEX certification.

In addition, we offer completely assembled 19" cabinets in various height units as wall-mounted or floor-standing cabinets. 

Get an overview of our special products in the field of reliable temperature monitoring via sophisticated sensor cable systems.

Sensor cable SEC 15 – in your preferred colour special products
Sensor cable SEC 15 -
in your preferred colour

Our SEC 15 sensor cable is available in the standard colour grey - on request, we will be happy to manufacture the outer sheath for you in your desired colour. Regardless of the colour, you can of course rely on all the sophisticated features and possibilities that our SEC 15 sensor cable brings with it - these, as well as all other technical details, can be downloaded below.

Download technical data
d-LISTcontroller – DNV approved special products
d-LISTcontroller –
DNV approved

Our d-LISTcontroller is optimised for the special requirements of the maritime industry. Approved according to the requirements of DNV (certificate no.: TAA000030H), our d-LISTcontroller thus meets the international standards, safety requirements and quality guidelines of the shipping industry.

Download technical data
Sensor cable SEC 15-Ex special products
Sensor cable
SEC 15-Ex

Our SEC 15-Ex sensor cable can be installed in zones 2 and 22 and is marked with an ATEX identifier for each sensor cable section. Various fixings allow easy installation.

Download technical data
Single sensor ESD-A5-Ex special products
Single sensor

Our ATEX range also includes our ESD-A5-Ex single sensors. The single sensors with integrated connection cable have the ATEX marking for use in zones 2 and 22. The cuboid stainless steel sleeve with a 4 mm hole is designed for attachment to the measurement object, the cylindrical stainless steel sleeve is suitable for use as a probe.

Download technical data
Sensor cable SEC 20-Ex special products
Sensor cable
SEC 20-Ex

As with all sensor cables, we guarantee complete shielding of the sensors against external influences such as wetness, dust or vibrations with our ATEX-certified sensor cable SEC 20-Ex. The maintenance-free cable locates critical temperature fluctuations precisely and is certified for use in Ex zones 2 and 22.

Download technical data
Single sensor ESA-A5-Ex special products
Single sensor

Installed individually or in combination with our SEC 20-Ex sensor cable - our ESA-A5-Ex individual sensors enable precise temperature monitoring and early fire detection in areas with a potential explosive hazard. Certified according to the ATEX directives for zones 2 and 22, they work reliably in a temperature range from -20 °C to +70 °C.

Download technical data
d-LIST Demo-Case d-LCON special products
d-LIST Demo-Case

To illustrate the functionality of our d-LIST system, we have designed our d-LIST demo case d-LCON especially for training and demonstration purposes. It contains all the necessary components so that manual heating can be demonstrated as well as alarm and fault indication. The transport case has practical wheels and a telescopic handle and is suitable as hand luggage for most airlines.

Download technical data
19" cabinets - completely wired special products
19" cabinets -
completely wired

Whether as a wall-mounted or floor-standing cabinet - we supply you with completely wired 19" cabinets for the installation of the various components (such as LISTcontroller, RELMOD relay modules, power supply units or Ethernet switch). We will be happy to determine the right cabinet size for your project on request.

Do you have an individual request or special legal requirements to fulfil in terms of fire protection or temperature monitoring in your business? Then please contact us without obligation - together we will find a solution for your concern.

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