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Linear sensor technology made in Germany
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Made in Germany, installed worldwide

Our LIST and d-LIST resettable line heat detectors have proven themselves as early warning systems for temperature monitoring in a wide variety of industries and sectors for over 30 years. Not least because of the possibility of multiple branching and direct object monitoring with connected external sensors - which makes our sensor cable systems unique in our business.

Advantages of our unique LIST technology

  • 10 seconds measuring cycle
  • Temperature measurement with 0.1°C resolution
  • Differential and maximum temperature evaluation
  • Sensor distances freely selectable and combinable
  • Installation in stub mode or with multiple branches
  • Can be used in ATEX zones 2 and 22
LIST System

Our LIST system is a linear heat detector and is perfectly suited for longer distances such as tunnels or larger conveyor belt systems. Consisting of an evaluation unit, the sensor cable and corresponding connection units, the LIST system constantly measures the ambient temperature and reacts dependably to the slightest changes.

d-LIST System

Our d-LIST system is ideally suited for shorter tunnels, buildings, underground car parks, cable trays, warehouses, cold storage facilities, solar and wind power plants, conveyor belts, underground railway stations and industrial plants of all kinds. Optionally, up to 16 alarm relays can be configured and the alarm and fault status can be transmitted to higher-level systems.

ATEX Products

Our LIST and d-LIST linear heat detectors are certified for use in Zone 2 and 22 hazardous environments. They fully comply with the design and safety criteria and are therefore perfectly suited for installation in the food or chemical industry.

Special products

Can't be done, doesn't exist - we have some special products for unrestricted temperature monitoring and early fire detection also in specific industries in our programme, such as the d-LIST system for recognised and certified use on ships.


From precisely fitting cable mounting devices to perfectly equipped service cases - our selected range of accessories completes our LIST and d-LIST system range.

Sensor cable systems, like conventional fire detectors, should be inspected and maintained regularly. As part of annual maintenance, we ensure the correct transmission of alarm signals and adapt the installed system to any changes in requirements.

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Do you have any questions about our sensor cable systems, the LIST or d-LIST products or are you looking for a suitable solution for your operation? We will be happy to advise you without obligation.

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