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Example application of sensor cable systems tunnels Zakopianka Example application of sensor cable systems tunnels Zakopianka
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Early detection of faults, weak points and fire hazards - early warning with LIST and d-LIST systems for a wide range of applications

Reliable protection, proven safety

Our LIST sensor cables are often used due to difficult conditions - e.g. when long distances, high rooms or challenging environments need to be monitored. State-of-the-art sensor technology combined with intelligent evaluation algorithms detect temperature fluctuations highly precisely without triggering false alarms due to natural temperature changes.

Example application of sensor cable systems in Solar systems / PV systems
Solar systems /
PV systems

Temperature monitoring, efficiency detection and early fire detection - our LIST systems can be installed tailor-made for your photovoltaic systems:

  • Module monitoring for efficiency
  • Evaluation according to effectiveness
  • Analysis of ambient conditions (e.g. shade)
  • Detection of overheating at the inverter
  • Shutdown in case of fire
Example application of sensor cable systems in Conveyor belt systems
Conveyor belt

The installation of the LIST sensor cable close to the rollers of conveyor belt systems are proven in difficult conditions (dust, deposits, vibrations, strong temperature fluctuations) and thus protect against standstill and production losses:

  • Monitoring of the transported goods by mounting cables above the belt (flexible mounting options)
  • Point monitoring of particular sources of danger by means of individual sensors (e.g. for early detection of early detection of hot spots)
Example application of sensor cable systems in Building / Industry
Building /

The versatile use of our sensor cable systems has proven itself - our products set new standards especially in areas that are difficult to access:

  • Cable shafts, risers
  • intermediate ceilings and floors, roof constructions
  • EDP and distribution cabinets, battery rooms
  • Washrooms, kitchens with increased steam/smoke development
Example application of sensor cable systems in Cable trays

Mounted above and on cable trays or in horizontal and vertical cable shafts - we also guarantee reliable temperature detection over long and branched routes:

  • Monitoring of signal and power cables for heating or overheating
  • Maintenance-free cable
  • Continuous monitoring of sensors via evaluation unit
  • Addressed sensors enable precise localisation
Example application of sensor cable systems in Underground garages / car parks
Underground garages /
car parks

Underground garages and multi-storey car parks often need to be monitored. Not only in order to report fire hazards from motors at an early stage, but also especially from the point of view of the risks of e-mobility. E-charging stations are commonplace nowadays, but at the same time they harbour the danger of being a potential source of fire. Precise monitoring and localisation of parking spaces with e-charging stations is possible by using our LIST and d-LIST systems:

  • immediate localisation of the source of fire
  • flexible sensor distances as required
  • simple and fast ceiling mounting
  • Control of stationary extinguishing devices
Example application of sensor cable systems in Cold storage / Food
Cold storage /

Temperature detection to verify unbroken cold chains or to protect frozen/stored goods is essential in the food industry - our linear sensor technology is tried and tested for this:

  • resistant to icing
  • Temperature detection from -40°C to 85°C
  • cleaning with high pressure/steam jet possible
  • Flexible alarming
  • Controlled deactivation of the differential alarm by signal, e.g. via gates, during defrosting processes
Example application of sensor cable systems in Metro / underground tunnels and stations
Metro / underground tunnels and stations

Whether for temperature measurement, improvement of climatic conditions, fire detection in the stations or confirmation of smoke detector alarms - our linear sensor technology meets the fire protection guidelines in railway stations:

  • Monitoring of intermediate ceilings and cable routes, also for the protection of underground business areas
  • Overheating detection of escalator components
  • Monitoring of parking facilities
  • Fire detection and localisation in metro / underground tunnels
  • Detection of technical defects on trains
Example application of sensor cable systems in Tunnels

Our high-precision sensor technology not only detects and localises fires, but also triggers safety-relevant tunnel processes (e.g. closures, fire-fighting systems, smoke flaps, ventilation systems).

  • Monitoring of cross and connecting tunnels
  • Complete system redundancy
  • Data protocols to the central control system (CCS)
  • Compliance with national directives (RABT 2006, RVS 9.02.22, EU directives ...)
  • Flexible and quick installation options (with plastic, stainless steel clamps or on steel cable)

Here you will find an overview of the tunnel systems in which our LIST sensor cable systems are installed: Download PDF.

Example application of sensor cable systems in Storage facilities

Fire detection systems often have to work under difficult conditions in warehouses and production facilities - our LIST and d-LIST systems protect stored goods from fire even in:

  • weather conditions in open buildings
  • high dust content
  • freezing temperatures
  • wind or ventilation
  • Exhaust fumes from means of transport
Example application of sensor cable systems in Wind turbines

To reduce the risk of fire in wind turbines, our LIST and d-LIST systems monitor the signal and power cables in the tower and in the cable shafts between the wind turbines.

  • Control of electrical and mechanical components in the nacelle via individual sensors
  • Temperature recording and data transmission via GSM
  • Integration into other control systems possible
  • Additional monitoring of the door contacts (vandalism)
Example application of sensor cable systems in Explosive areas

Reliable temperature monitoring is essential in the chemical industry and in shafts and tunnels, among others - our systems meet the criteria for potentially explosive environments:

  • Proven temperature monitoring and fire detection.
  • In conveyor systems, pipes, containers and filling stations

For any application where our LIST and d-LIST early warning systems are installed, our specialists in the LIST fault service are specialised and available around the clock. Would you like to know more about our services?

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