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d-LIST system

d-LIST System

Linear sensor technology for short distances

Our linear heat detector d-LIST has proven itself for over two decades in a wide range of industrial sectors and applications - including in potentially explosive environments of zones 2 and 22. 

As a VdS-approved system according to EN 54-22:2015+A1:2020 (G 221004) as well as the response classes A1N, A2N, BN, CN, A1I, A2I, BI, CI, our d-LIST system fulfils the requirements for reliable temperature monitoring in traffic and industrial facilities of all kinds. 

The d-LIST system consists of the d-LISTcontroller (our evaluation unit), the SEC 15 sensor element and the corresponding CBO 15 connection box. 

Up to 16 alarm relays can be configured via the optional REL 835 relay board and the alarm and fault status can be transmitted to higher-level external systems such as a FACP and/or PLC. The open data protocols required for this are of course available, so that direct transmission of the device and sensor cable status can be realised without any problems.

The maximum connectable cable length per d-LCON evaluation unit is 2 x 350 m. The connection from the connection box to the evaluation unit is made via the CC 15 connection cable. 

Another special feature of the d-LIST sensor cable system is the DNV approval, which means that it can also be used in shipping and the maritime industry.

Ideally suited for the following applications

  • Solar and wind power plants
  • conveyor belts
  • Real estate and buildings
  • Industrial plants of any kind
  • Cable trays
  • Underground garages
  • Food production (including cold stores)
  • Metro / underground tunnels and stations
  • Shorter tunnel systems
  • Storage facilities
Sensor cable SEC 15 d-LIST system
Sensor cable
SEC 15

The maintenance-free sensor cable SEC 15 is the central sensor element of our resettable linear heat detector d-LIST. The sensors are fully shielded against environmental influences and operate reliably in a temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C (it can also resist short-term heat up to +120 °C). Depending on the project requirements, the sensor distances can be freely selected between 0.5m and 10m. With the help of connection boxes, it is also possible to branch the sensor cable routes.

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Control unit d-LISTcontroller d-LIST system
Control unit

The evaluation of the measured temperatures takes place in the d-LISTcontroller evaluation unit. The intelligent evaluation algorithms avoid unfailing false alarms. Up to 32 programmable sections enable alarm and fault messages to be forwarded to external systems via protocol. The wear-free components guarantee a long service life. In addition, the evaluation unit is RoHS-compliant and features low power consumption.

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Connection box CBO 15 d-LIST system
Connection box
CBO 15

The housing of our connection box CBO 15 is made of glass-fibre reinforced polycarbonate, is UV and weather resistant and free of halogens, heavy metals, PVC and silicones. Up to two SEC 15 sensor cables can be injected into the connection box, and a combination with other individual sensors is also possible. The connection box can withstand a temperature range of -35 °C to +60 °C.

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Single sensor ESD-A5 d-LIST system
Single sensor

Our ESD-A5 single sensors have proven themselves many times over in their high resistance to corrosion, pitting and a variety of chemicals. Not at least thanks to the heat-conductive potting compound, which ensures a hermetic seal. The maximum number of individual sensors per sensor cable connection A / B to SCU 800 or d-LISTcontroller contributes up to 50 individual sensors with a total cable length of 100 m and 51 to 99 individual sensors with a total cable length of 50 m.

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SEC 15 Simulator CSM 30 d-LIST system
SEC 15 Simulator
CSM 30

For training and demonstration purposes, we have developed a simulator for the d-LIST system. With the SEC 15 simulator CSM 30, up to 31 sensors can be simulated; this also includes fault simulation by switching off one of two sensors that can be activated. as well as alarm simulation by manual heating at the 30 sensor markings.

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Prefabrication SECcon 15 d-LIST system
SECcon 15

Our SECcon 15 pre-assembly, which is individually tailored to the respective project requirement, enables easy installation and commissioning of our SEC 15 sensor cables and CC 15 connecting cables by means of plug connectors. The mechanical coding of plug and socket ensures correct polarity reversal. This means that neither special tools nor special knowledge are required on site and the duration of installation and commissioning is drastically reduced.

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UCM 15-SEC / UCM 15-ESD d-LIST system
UCM 15-SEC /

The two universal connection modules establish the connection between the sensor cable, the individual sensors and the connection cable. The universal connection module UCM 15-SEC is suitable for the connection box CBO 15-SEC and enables connection of up to two sensor cables SEC 15. The universal connection module UCM 15-ESD belongs to the connection box CBO 15-ESD and enables the connection of one sensor cable SEC 15 in combination with up to four individual sensors ESD-A5, or of up to eight individual sensors ESD-A5, as required.

Data protocols d-LIST system
Data protocols

With our linear heat detector d-LIST, the open data protocols enable direct communication with external systems (FACP and/or PLC). The Modbus RTU protocol is transmitted via serial RS232 or RS485 interfaces.

FAQ d-LIST-System

The most frequently asked questions about our d-LIST system

Here you will find the answers to the five most frequently asked questions about our linear heat detector d-LIST. The answer you are looking for is not here? Then take a look at our extensive FAQ section and please do not hesitate to contact us - we will be happy to advise you without obligation.

In which length can I order the SEC 15 sensor cable in one piece?

We supply our SEC 15 on cable drums with a maximum of 2,400 metres. We supply the SEC 20 sensor cable (belonging to the LIST system) on cable drums of up to 2,000 metres.

Is a remote maintenance of the d-LIST system possible?

Our service team is able - after appropriate release - to access the evaluation units via telephone modem or network access.

Is it possible to repair a damaged SEC 15 sensor cable or do you have to replace the entire cable length?

The SEC 15 sensor cable for the d-LIST system can be repaired several times without impairing its functionality or losing its properties. The same applies to the SEC 20 sensor cable for the LIST system.

Are the d-LIST systems VdS approved?

Yes, the d-LISTcontroller and the SEC 15 sensor cable are approved according to EN 54-22:2015+A1:2020, response class A1N, A2N, BN, CN, A1I, A2I. BI, CI and environmental group III, VdS approval no.: G 221004. The d-LISTcontroller is therefore the only system that is approved for integrated and non-integrated systems.

Does the d-LIST system have marine approval?

Yes, the evaluation units d-LISTcontroller and the sensor cable SEC 15 are approved according to DNV, certification no.: TAA000030H.

You need a proven sensor cable system that immediately detects critical temperature deviations and our d-LIST system has aroused your interest in this regard? Then please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to advise you personally, clarify initial detailed questions about your project and provide you with a free quotation.

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