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LIST system

LIST System

Linear sensor technology for long distances

The linear heat detector LIST consists of the evaluation unit LISTcontroller, the sensor cable SEC 20 and the corresponding connection units CBO 20. 

Approved by VdS according to EN 54-22:2020-07 (G 213072), response classes A1N, A2N, BN and certified according to ATEX zones 2 and 22, our LIST system withstands the most demanding environmental conditions.

The maximum connectable total cable length per evaluation unit is 3,500m in normal operation. Up to 254 alarm sections can be configured via the RELMOD relay module and the alarm and fault status

can be transmitted to higher-level systems (FACP/PLC). Various open data protocols are available for direct transmission of all unit and sensor cable statuses to the PLC.

Ideally suited for the following areas of application

  • Road and railway tunnels
  • Parking garages
  • Larger conveyor belt systems
  • Cable trays
  • Halls with large heights
Sensor cable SEC 20 LIST system
Sensor cable
SEC 20

The SEC 20 sensor cable as part of the resettable linear heat detector LIST can be reliably used in temperature ranges from -40 °C to +85 °C; it can also resist brief spikes of extreme heat above 200 °C. Depending on the project requirements, the sensor distance can be freely selected between 0.5m and 10m. The maintenance-free cable is easy to install and can be quickly repaired in the event of mechanical damage.

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Control Unit LISTcontroller LIST system
Control Unit

The control unit of the resettable linear heat detector LIST contains an ARM9™ embedded processor and two peripheral processors for stable temperature monitoring. The alarm is triggered via differential and maximum behaviour. Thereby, false alarms due to natural temperature fluctuations are excluded thanks to our intelligent evaluation algorithms.

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Relay module RELMOD LIST system
Relay module

The relay extension with 16 potential-free contacts for our LISTcontroller evaluation unit transmits up to 254 alarm and fault messages to external systems (FACP and/or PLC). In addition to programmable contact multiplication, the relay module has up to 128 inputs for the integration of external signals for alarm and fault handling.

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Connection box CBO 20 LIST system
Connection box
CBO 20

The connection box for supply in up to three sensor cables SEC 20. The connection box CBO 20 is used with the evaluation unit LISTcontroller. The glass-fibre reinforced polyester housing is halogen-free and can be used in the temperature range from -30 °C to +90 °C.

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LIST Cable Tester LCT 20 LIST system
LIST Cable Tester
LCT 20

The LIST Cable Tester LCT 20 was designed for testing the SEC 20 sensor cable before, during and after installation and is perfectly suited for troubleshooting the SEC 20 sensor cable. It works mains independently thanks to battery operation and is compact, lightweight and can be used anywhere with a carrying strap. Automatic data logging takes place in a file on the PC.

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SEC 20 Simulator CSM 200 LIST system
SEC 20 Simulator
CSM 200

The SEC 20 Simulator CSM 200 was developed for simulation purposes in the context of test set-ups, training or data protocol tests. For tests by means of manual heating or cooling, there are two temperature sensors on the board. Four push-buttons can be used to simulate differential temperature pre-signal and alarm, maximum temperature alarm and sensor failure. A simulation of up to 200 sensors is possible.

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Connection module CCM 3000 LIST system
Connection module
CCM 3000

The connection module for top-hat rail mounting in the connection box CBO 20 establishes the connection between the sensor cable SEC 20 and the connection cable CC 20. Both variants - type CCM 3000 without overvoltage protection device or type CCM 3000_D with overvoltage protection device - are VdS approved according to EN 54-22:2015+A1:2020. Approval number: G 213072, response classes A1N, A2N, BN, environmental group III.

Data protocols LIST system
Data protocols

The open data protocols of our resettable linear heat detector LIST allow communication with external systems (FACP and/or PLC): MODBUS/RTU and EDP via the serial RS232 interface and MODBUS/TCP, IEC 60870-5-104 and UGM 2040 via Ethernet.


The most frequently asked questions about our LIST system

Do you have questions about our innovative LIST temperature measurement and early fire detection system? We have compiled the answers to the five most frequently asked questions for you. You can find more helpful answers on our FAQ page. You are also welcome to send us a non-binding enquiry via our contact form at any time.

Can the sensor distances for the LIST linear heat detector be selected as desired?

In addition to standard sensor distances, any distances according to customer requirements are also offered.

In which length can I order the SEC 20 sensor cable in one piece?

We supply our SEC 20 on cable drums with a maximum of 2,000 metres. In addition, longer cable lengths can be realised for the SEC 20 sensor cable by means of cable sleeves or connection boxes. We supply the SEC 15 sensor cable (belonging to the d-LIST system) on cable drums of up to 2,400 metres.

Is it possible to repair a damaged SEC 20 sensor cable or do you have to replace the entire cable length?

The SEC 20 sensor cable for the LIST system can be repaired several times without impairing its functionality or losing its properties. The same applies to the SEC 15 sensor cable for the d-LIST system.

Does the LIST system have ATEX approval?

Yes, the LIST system is approved for ATEX zones 2 and 22 with the SEC 20-Ex sensor cable and ESA-A5-Ex individual sensors.

What is the maximum number of fire compartments that can be configured with the LISTcontroller?

Up to 254 fire sections can be programmed. Section-by-section alarm signalling takes place either via relay contacts of the RELMOD relay module or via open data protocols to higher-level systems (FACP/PLC).

Do you have questions about our LIST system or would you like non-binding advice on the use of our LIST linear heat detector for early fire detection or temperature monitoring for your project? Then please contact us - we will advise you free of charge and without obligation.

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