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Welcome to LISTEC GmbH

Ever since our establishment in 1990, we are in service for safety of individuals, commodities, and real estate with our resettable line-type heat detectors LIST and d-LIST. Both electronic sensor cable systems may be used for early fire detection, or as a temperature monitoring instrument. Owing to their maintenance-free construction, they are applicable even in harsh environments. The capability of manifold branching and direct object monitoring with affixed external sensors make our systems unique in our industry. This high degree of flexibility allows installations in all sectors of industry, real estate, seafaring, and tunnel.

Benefit from our know-how in innovative temperature monitoring equipment.

Unique selling proposition

Measurement Resolution

The measurement resolution is 0.1 °C with a repeatability of ± 0,1 K along the entire cable length, independent o...

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The LIST and d-LIST systems do not need any form of calibration, neither before, nor during operation...

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Electronic sensor cable system with equally spaced integrated temperature sensors, connected to the flexible flat...

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System Compatibility

Both systems allow for swapping of just one component when needed, which means, that refurbishing does not requir...

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Manifold Branching

There is no necessity to linearly lay out the sensing element. It is possible to realise manifold branches with b...

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External Sensors

Use of external sensors ESD and ESA in local protection applications, i.e. motors, bearings, gearboxes, etc., usi...

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Pinpoint Detection

Localisation of the fire source with a resolution equal to the sensor spacing (i.e. three meter sensor spacing eq...

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Public Holiday

Due to a german public holiday on 2017-May-01 our office is closed. Thanks for your understanding. In case of tec...

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Announcement DoP

Referring to enquiries concerning the Declaration of Performance DoP for our resettable line-type heat detector L...

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Project Croix Rousse

Pedestrian safety is of prime importance for project Croix Rousse II. The LIST system's release for the pedest...

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Securitas and LISTEC

The merger with the Swiss Securitas Group benefits LISTEC customers and partners all over the world. Promising sy...

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Fire test

The final fire test in the tunnel Cologne-Loevenich was successful finished...

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